LaserMedix - provider of hair restoration services

Why choose laser assisted?

No single word in medicine today evokes a "state of the art" image than the word "LASER". That is why Laser assisted hair restoration is the new "Gold Standard" in follicular unit (FU) hair restoration. Since laser assisted hair restoration combined with our artistic redistribution micro-surgical technique became FDA approved ib 1995,we have performed thousands of successful out patient procedures. We empathically believe that with our exclusive procedures and years of experience, LasermedixHRC should be your choice for hair restoration.

Reduces risk of infection-

The risk of infection is reduced because the heated laser beam vaporizes bacteria and viruses in the scalp tissue.

Scalp reduction-

With the lasers ability to ablate atropic (non-productive ) scalp tissue, bald tissue is actually being removed, thus reducing the total amount of bald area present. This advantage is not seen when using a needle punch or scalpel blade to prepare recipient sites.

Less bleeding and swelling-

Because of the heating effect of the lasers energy cauterizing small blood vessel, there is less bleeding and swelling.

Need for local Anesthesia Reduced-

The use of the laser in hair restoration has tremendously reduced the need for local anesthesia because of the lasers ability to seal off nerve endings rendering a virtually painless procedure.